Prime Collective DJ's was originally formed as a DJ collective of friends with shared goals and interests of what the art of DJing could be with a business model applied to it.

It evolved and grew over time, our approach to DJing was to offer a consistent standard combined with support and loyalty for the collective's success, this was and still is paramount.  

 We have built a great reputation with venues and clients learning how to maintain long term relationships and negotiate fair deals that offered a level of job security at a time when Vancouver's DJ scene was rapidly growing with new technologies and talent. Consistency, brand protection and peace of mind offer our clients access to a roster second to none in Vancouver. Rather than hire 1 DJ they hire a team of DJ's, one that is self sufficient and self managing.

Our formulas are the secret of our success and how we operate to this day collectively.

  A diverse roster with the abilities to cover most styles of music the artistic approach plus the talent of "reading the room" and knowing the desired effect for our clients is what makes us unique in this industry.

 We developed a template to help determine the best way to approach our collective opportunities. Knowing what to play and knowing what not to play involves research, communication and shared expertise. No one else offers this level of service.

 Atmosphere evaluation and technical assistance on operation and maintenance of sound & lighting is also a skill we bring to the table collectively.

Over the years Prime Collective DJ's has helped develop many of Vancouver's top DJ talent. Serving as a stepping stone and starting point for many we have established a standard with consistency and take pride in our work.



Prime Collective DJ's Est. 1999