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Hailing from Vancouver Canada "Goodspin"  has established a reputation for being a veteran party rocker on the scene. A turntableizm background combined with his technical  mixing ability produces high energy  DJ sets that have rocked the dance floor consistently. A live mash up master stacking tracks with just the right drops, cuts and scratches, Goodspin's style is  a live action versatile flow that captures the moment through his choice of music and genres.

"The right song at the right time can change someone's life"  - Goodspin

 Playing between 175 to 200 times a year has granted Goodspin a wide playing field of venues and events. From student nights to Summer festivals, from clubs to pubs, his focus has been steadfast in developing his art and passion for Djing.

Sharing the stage with major acts like Armand Van Helden, Tall Paul, Pete Tong,

 DJ Food and DJ Shadow has given him an opportunity to showcase his unique mixing and evolved tastes in music.  Its a strong grasp of todays trends and yesterdays classics that gives him an edge when it comes to being a DJ. He believes that giving the people what they want is knowing who the audience is. A 3 year resident at UBC's longest running and most successful student night "Legendary Wednesdays" where you'll find the dance floor packed with music selections  that span over 25 years. 

I find that being a student night I have to expect the unexpected and mix with it musically.  Every week is a little different, requests combined with the diverse crowd  anything goes as long as the  timing is right the dance floor  keeps rockin."

- Goodspin - On the  Pit Pub  Legendary Wednesdays Student Night


 DJ's that have influenced Goodspin are ones with a wide approach to DJ'ing.  

Z Trip, Mix Master Mike, Fatboy Slim & DJ AM because of their dedication to balancing mixing with showmanship in their DJ performance.  

Competing in multiple competitions of various styles Goodspin has placed top 4 or better in every DJ contest he has entered to date. Recently winning first in the

"Party Rock Royalty" DJ Comp.

​With the ability to spin multiple genres of music his music collection and knowledge is vast. Funk & Disco, Hip Hop & Old School, Rock & Retro, Downtempo & Breaks,

House & EDM, Trap & Twerk plus current bangers offers a full spectrum of sounds and audio environments.

"When I play a down tempo set to enhance a desired effect for a lounge , like a funky chill vibe or if I am spinning house on an  outdoor live stage I typically get just as stoked either way because I get to play two completely different settings and performing a sound track to match is what real DJ's are capable of in my mind. Its a challenge and not all  DJ's can do it " 

 - Goodspin on favourite type of gig.


Goodspin as an MC is no stranger to the mic, demonstrating time and again his ability to hold a room and rock the stage vocally while performing original material.

Hosting Olympic stages & Canucks playoff events a natural speaking voice his confidence is loud and clear as a Master of Ceremony.

"Being a DJ I think my job is really to make memories with music, mixing a sound track to life gets people living in the moment and thats when life is good" - Goodspin.

A true performer with a dynamic style, a  love of  people and music, bringing them together is what he lives for!